Diversity in Writing with Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

July 12, 2018 @ 7:00 am – July 15, 2018 @ 11:45 pm
online - 20 student capacity- registration ends July 9th

Diversity in Writing with Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

Diversity in writing is on the rise. There are plenty of writers who do it well and plenty who mean to do well, but come off as offensive.

This workshop will include discussion/chat in the forum, handouts, and video links to continue the day’s lesson plan.

In this workshop, diversity will be looked at from many viewpoints:

Day 1 – Multicultural story telling, characters, inclusion and stereotypes

  • Opening Chat Q&A
  • How to write balanced multicultural writing/ diversity writing without cultural appropriation.
  • How to include other cultures as storytelling/ world building but not as a cultural drop in.
  • How to avoid writing about stereotypes

Day 2 – research, character voice/dialects

  • How to research characters so we don’t write stereotypes?
  • How to research and create dialogue that isn’t totally cliché or dialectually wrong?
  • How to create multicultural character voices

Day 3- artwork/cover art, advertising/marketing, discussions and talking about inclusion

  • What can  multicultural artwork look like
  • Can you get published having multicultural representation on the cover?
  • What does marketing look like with multicultural stories? Who do you market to?
  • Ending chat Q& A

Author’s Bio:

Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson (Author JFF) lives in Michigan where she does all the things writing. She is busy engaging in academic endeavors when she would rather be writing all the time about her characters and their many adventures. She spends her free time being a fabulous crazy mom to two dynamic boys, and A+ #1 wife, and staff member to four highly demanding cats. Jennifer enjoys writing urban fantasy, paranormal romance, YA urban fantasy and exploring all the questions starting “What if…” which allows her mind to make the mundane much more exciting. She is excitedly expanding her ever developing world and looks forward to the new adventures waiting to be written.

Jennifer has had amazing experiences meeting her dedicated readers. Jennifer’s teaching experience includes working with middle school students in afterschool education technology initiatives and of course writing workshops. She has been teaching online and face to face courses at various universities over the last twelve years. As well as having facilitated a high energy writing group, she’s also an active book coach and developmental editor. She continues to push for more exciting ways to engage people in their writing. She presents at conferences, speaking engagements and occasionally, has the honor of emceeing local music event venues.

Web Page  Facebook   Twitter: @jff0628   Youtube

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