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A fatal judgment call from the past comes back to haunt the now prestigious Detective Savannah Flowers, unmasking long-forgotten memories, and quickly realizing her deadliest enemy may be someone closest to her.

An event from fifteen years ago pushed Savannah to pursue a career as a homicide detective. A current case now stirs that horrific night to the surface, with all mounting evidence pointing it has something to do with her. Teetering solely on intuition, she pushes to uncover the multitude of questions still lingering.

Her unknown saving grace is Greek demigod, Leonidas Laskos, who has been protecting her from afar for his own selfish reasons, staying out of view, knowing the grave consequences to be handed down by Michael the Archangel if he dares involve himself and mistakenly helps Savannah remember who she truly is.

The Sword of Reckoning is Book 1 in my An A.L.P. Legacy series.

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 Tags: paranormal romance, angels & demons, series