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When you find out your mom is having dreams about the same place you’ve been pulled toward by a strong intuition, and think coincidence? Not by a long shot, especially when death comes knocking on your doorstep.

Detective Richard Anderson grapples with the notion one of his cold cases of ten years ago may connect to recent disappearances. Until his son, Kyle, reveals things kept out of the media all those years ago to avoid copycat killings. But can he believe him? After all, Kyle claims he had a vision, something Richard doesn’t believe in.
Kyle is determined to locate this cave that’s been tormenting his thoughts for a couple of months. With the help of his two best friends, they begin their quest to locate it in Doorman’s Creek… But what they discover soon places all of them in danger.

 Tags: Paranormal Thriller, Paranormal Crime Mystery, YA, Dreams, Intuitions