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I’m super excited to restart my blog after so many years. It’s been a while I’ve wanted to do this but after my first blog got hacked (had it for over 13 years) I  hesitated.

So let’s see. I’m a 62-year young mommy of five, and new grandmother. Yeah! Two little boys…super thrilled to have them in my life.

Hubby and I have been married for 42 years this past August. He was my high school sweetie and still is my sweetie after all these years.

We’re dog lovers, the entire family. I’ve been a grandmom and mommy to many fur-babies. Love them dearly. Cry like a baby when they leave us. No one understands the hurt when they pass away unless you love animals the way we do.

Besides writing and editing, I love to crochet and play online games on my phone to earn $$$ and load my Amazon Prime card. LOL! Proud to say I was a smoker and have since quit (September 2019). I’ll update if I fall back to my old evil ways.

As a child, however, my passion has been reading and writing. I feel lost if I don’t read or write something almost daily. Passion is something you can’t ignore nor lose, for this reason over the years I am honored to say I’ve worked with many writers around the world, some of them hitting Amazon’s Best Sellers listing. Had the privilege of working as a head editor, aquisitions editor, and copy editor for several publishing houses in my career. And now, I am more than thrilled to continue as a freelance editor.

Purpose of this Blog

As a new writer when I began way back in the dinosaur ages, I, too, made a ton of mistakes while building my brand.

The whole purpose of this site is to begin anew, to show writers that even after all these years, there’s always room to improve and learn from our ‘trials and errors’, to not be afraid to start all over again…as they say, it’s never too late to jump back into the game with a fresh perspective and wants and needs.

If you haven’t guessed yet, my name is Lea Schizas, founder of The Muse Online Writers Conference, and MuseItUp Publishing…and I have no shame to say after all these years, I’m feeling like a million bucks beginning my branding all over again…the right way!

Thank you for visiting. Bookmark and come back often because I have tons in store for you.

But wait, before you leave, I’d also like to mention that I have been a loyal Avon customer and now finally an Avon rep.  So excited.

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