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Paranormal Romance Fantasy

An A.L.P. Legacy Novel – Book 1

A fatal judgment call from the past comes back to haunt the now prestigious Detective Savannah Flowers, unmasking long-forgotten memories, and quickly realizing her deadliest enemy may be someone closest to her.

An event from fifteen years ago pushed Savannah to pursue a career as a homicide detective. A current case now stirs that horrific night to the surface, with all mounting evidence pointing it has something to do with her. Teetering solely on intuition, she pushes to uncover answers to the multitude of questions still lingering.

Her unknown saving grace is Greek demigod, Leonidas Laskos, who has been protecting her from afar for his own selfish reasons, staying out of view, knowing the grave consequences to be handed down by Michael the Archangel if he dares involve himself and mistakenly helps Savannah remember who she truly is.

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***** Amazon Reader: “I found this read interesting it’s not normally in my reading collection but I figured why not and was pleasantly surprised by how much it entertained me. Both the storyline and the characters are well developed and engaging.”

***** Amazon Reader: “A great first book in a new paranormal/supernatural series. I really enjoyed the blending of so many magical elements rooted in myth and legend to create suspense. Angels, vampires, werewolves, witches and warlocks, dragons, and a whole realm of magical/undead creatures made for some very interesting reading. I’m looking forward to book 2 already!”

Paranormal Romance Fantasy

An A.L.P. Legacy Novel – Book 2

How do you dream jump into a comatose person, kill the demon residing within, and get out alive? Ask your dead brother for help.
In Book 2, some of your favorite characters from Book 1: The Sword of Reckoning are back in a new adventure. Newest members of A.L.P. are introduced with the same high-riding flair.

Detective Brian Deeds’ animosity toward his deceased dad continues to eat him up. The only thing keeping him in check is the assigned case of missing twins. Plus the fact he needs to monitor his newest partner and gauge her initiation reaction to A.L.P. Something he’s not looking forward to.
Sophie Dracopoulos is a hopeless romantic… well, in dreamland, that is. In real life, she’s a nervous wreck. Her new partner is trying his best to make her feel welcomed, but she can’t help feeling that he’s also hiding something. Plus, her dead brother can’t keep out of her business.
As a Greek demigod, Alky Helios has seen enough tragedy, fought in many wars with demons, vampires, you name it. Stayed clear from relationships because his duties and commitment was to A.L.P. Until Sophie Dracopoulos unwillingly drew him into her dreams one night and never stopped.

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***** Amazon Reader: “What I enjoyed most about the book is how it introduces new members of the A.L.P and you can’t help but fall a little in love with Brian and Mike’s connection. The author of this and the previous first book leave you hungry for more. Keep up the brilliant writing Lea Schizas and the moon and stars will be in your hands. Just brilliantly written and awesome story line.”

Realistic Fiction

Being an independent woman, living and running a business out of a grand Tudor style home in a tranquil countryside, life felt good…
Until two of my editors decided to open up the magazine to other worldly tales. They invited guest blogger Amber Dane to talk about her experience as a mom who had a dream visit from her twelve-year-old daughter, Miranda, and how that helped her cope with grief.
I mean, seriously, how many people believe one can be touched by the beyond? I opposed but gave them a month to prove me wrong.
That same day, the phone call came in about my dad…
And my life, my skepticism, and views changed forever.

Author’s Note: This is a fictional tale, although aspects of the story are based on actual events and happenings.


***** Amazon Reader: “The book is very well written. Lots of insight into personal feelings/struggles. Makes one seriously consider his or her spirituality.”

***** Amazon Reader: “Loved it! Great read. Losing a loved one is never easy so this book (in my view) is also a touch…healing. Definitely will be buying this Author’s other books as well!”

When you find out your mom is having dreams about the same place you’ve been pulled toward by a strong intuition, and think coincidence? Not by a long shot, especially when death comes knocking on your doorstep.

Detective Richard Anderson grapples with the notion one of his cold cases of ten years ago may connect to recent disappearances. Until his son, Kyle, reveals things kept out of the media all those years ago to avoid copycat killings. But can he believe him? After all, Kyle claims he had a vision, something Richard doesn’t believe in.
Kyle is determined to locate this cave that’s been tormenting his thoughts for a couple of months. With the help of his two best friends, they begin their quest to locate it in Doorman’s Creek… But what they discover soon places all of them in danger.


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