Placed third in the Book Editor category.

Lea is fantastic! Her style is one that gets the best out of you and your story while still making the dreaded editing process fun! A very rare quality indeed.

Lea has the integrity needed to be a scrupulous, dedicated editor. I know I can count on her. Rohn Federbush

Lea Schizsa is knowledgable,skilled, helpful,cheerfully honest, and most importantly THERE when you need her.

Lea has an innate ability to strengthen a writer’s work without compromising their voice or message. Her editing skills are a gift to any author she works with.

Her patience is marvelous.

Lea Schizas ‘menditing,’a clever term from the combination of mentoring and editing, is instructional and equitable and I have learned much about the preparation for publishing process.

Lea is smart, patient, friendly, and willing to work with authors for the best possible outcome for all!

Lea engages the whole author. You’re not just a manuscript with her. She encourages you when encouragement is needed, is always positive, and has a canny eye for cover art. Editing is definitely her gig!

My novel, Doorman’s Creek, placed third in the Thriller category.

My novel, Doorman’s Creek, placed fifth in the Mystery category.

My novel, Doorman’s Creek, placed sixth in the Book Cover category. I designed the cover.


My paranormal romance novel, The Sword of Reckoning, placed first in the Romance category.