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Libby huddled alone because the other squirrels thought her different, odd. She was white/red while they were “normal” gray squirrels. Even in the worst winter, she couldn’t join them for warmth or share food. What was a scared, lonely little squirrel to do?

5-Star Amazon Review: “Libby is excluded because of her differences…has a great message for children who feel different from their peers…”

Available in e-book and paperback.


***** “Libby is excluded because of her differences. Even though the other squirrels were mean to her, she saves their lives. They thank her and realize they were wrong to keep her out. This story has a great message for children who feel different from their peers: don’t hold a grudge and your differences make you special.”


Jillian is planning her first big Halloween party and hopes the weather holds out.

Well, the weather does…but after Jillian, in her witch’s outfit playfully chants the following from a prop witch’s spellbook:

“Changes are due…

Not many but a few

To meet your history

And see it’s not misery

Ghosts will abound

Trekking all around

For you will now travel

In a land full of marvel.”

everyone is in for the surprise of their life. Her backyard is gone. In its place greenery filled with tall trees, a variety of bushes, and…DINOSAURS?

5-Star Review: “This is a great book. The story flows very well and middle graders will easily relate to it. I love the change through time that teaches about dinosaurs without sounding like a lecture. Very enjoyable. Lea Schizas is definitely a voice for this age group for school and home.“

Available in ebook and paperback.


***** Review: “As a middle grade author myself, I am aware of what makes an enjoyable read for kids. The Halloween Dino Trip should engage almost everyone who reads it. There is mystery, fun, adventure, and interesting facts about dinosaurs.”


A lifelong sanctuary of home bliss suddenly comes to a halt when Alexandra Stone discovers her parents lied and kept secrets about their family heritage. The discovery comes after a silly chant transports Alex and her best friend Sarah, along with her two pets, to the outskirts of Rock Kingdom.

Now faced with the dangerous elements of Dread’s Forest, Alex is determined to fight the man responsible for their predicament – her uncle.

But is he responsible?

She will risk her safety and trust her instincts when thrust alongside him to battle the Braks, skeletal creatures that project thorn-infested slime encasing their victim before plunging them deep within the caverns of the earth.

Readers will discover that ‘‘things are not always as they appear to be’.

The Rock of Realm will shatter the concept of ‘villain’.

Reader Review: “Rock of Realm, with funny moments, is tense and exciting. The story reminded me of a modern-day `Famous Five’ by Enid Blyton, only better. I loved it. I recommend this novel to the young and the young-at-heart.“

Available in ebook and paperback.


***** “Rock of Realm by Lea Schizas is an exciting tale full of adventure, excitement, and surprises. While written for a young adult audience, the tale is ageless and makes for a great reading experience the whole family can share.”

***** “In Rock of Realm, Lea Schizas weaves a fascinating story of magic, other worlds, danger, and mystery. She creates a cast of believable characters, both good and evil. Twists and turns and surprises make this book difficult to put down. I kept wanting to read just one more chapter. Then one more. But beware, things are not always what they seem. And is there good in evil? Or evil in good? You’ll have to read the book for an answer. You’ll be glad you did.”

***** “Now that was an experience! I’ve never thought a YA novel would really draw me into the story and keep me interested from the first word to the last… but that was until I started to read “The Rock of Realm” and found impossible to put it down. I read it with an adult eye, so to speak and, I have to confess, I finished it in one setting, while forgetting everything else I had to do for the rest of the afternoon. Beside the fact that it was a reading therapy for me, it was an enjoyable, engaging read.”

Gargantua and the Bullies at Pierson High

Middle Grade Fiction: Friendship, Bullying, Soccer, Secrets, Neurodivergent friend

When Barley Jacobson discovers his neurodivergent friend, Derek, (aka Gargantua) is being bullied because he wants to join the school’s soccer team, he challenges the ruffians to an after-school three-on-three soccer scrimmage to prove his friend’s worth. However, Barley is unaware of the potential danger to Gargantua because of a secret his friend hides, one connected to a student’s death last year. This secret sheds light on why the bully was after Derek.

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