Works in Progress

Paranormal Mystery Thriller


Nightmares, body possession, and an old unsolved case all lead to…

Doorman’s Creek is about to be rocked by tragedy.

Kyle Anderson, typical teen, has this strong intuition about a cave somewhere in Doorman’s Creek. Along with his buddies, they go searching for it.

However, something is eagerly waiting for them to enter the cave…something that will put them in imminent danger.

TAGS: Mystery, cold case, supernatural, murder, serial killer

Harry’s First Thumpity Haircut

Children’s Picture Book

A little boy’s imagination goes wild during his first salon haircut. Even with comforting words by his stylist, little Harry imagines bees buzzing around his ears, a giant pulling on his ears, and even spaceships landing on his head. But Harry gets a surprise when he looks in the mirror.

Robbie & Katie Get a Hairy Scare

Children’s Picture Book

Watching the stylist cut their older sister’s hair, five year old twins, Robbie and Katie, giggle until the salon receptionist tries to ease their fear and says, “Hair is DEAD.” Big mistake! Eyes open wide, lips tremble, and then Robbie does something that scares the receptionist…and Katie…to avoid his first haircut.

The Little Old Lady Who Loved to Crochet

Children’s Picture Book

As a senior citizen, loneliness is something you either cope with or come up with a solution. That’s exactly what Lilly, The Little Old Lady Who Loved to Crochet, did. With a crochet needle and tons of wool, she transforms the ordinary into a work of art, filling her entire house with crocheted friends.

When three cute little kids poke their heads through her opened window one day, Lilly has to make a decision. Should she part with her crocheted friends and give them to the children, or keep the dolls on the mantelpiece forever?