Works in Progress

Brandon’s First Fantastical Haircut

Children’s Picture BookFINISHED

A little boy’s first haircut turns into a fantastical adventure with a tornado, spaceship, colossal giant, and menacing bee all vying to cause havoc on his wild, tousled hair.

Robbie & Katie Adventures: Hairy Strand of Scares

Children’s Picture Book

Watching the stylist cut their older sister’s hair, five year old twins, Robbie and Katie, giggle until the salon receptionist tries to ease their fear and says, “Hair is DEAD.” Big mistake! Eyes open wide, lips tremble, and then Robbie does something that scares the receptionist…and Katie…to avoid his first haircut.


Young Adult Romance, Family Life, Bullies, High School

Twins, Amber and Hank, have a hard time adjusting to life in Montreal, leaving friends behind in Washington D.C. As much as they love their feisty grandmother, they find country life boring, and isolated.

Amber meets a local boy who happens to be in most of her classrooms, and suddenly life seems to be perking up.

Hank, on the other hand, deals with some bullies picking on a gay boy. Sparks fly, and anger is at an all-time high.

Only time will tell how much of this their grandmother can handle. Will she boot them all back to Washington, or suffer major consequences?

Old Flames, New Beginnings

Contemporary Romance/Women’s FictionFINISHED

In the picturesque mountains surrounded by glistening snow-capped peaks, lies the heartwarming tale of Old Flames, New Beginnings. At its center are two remarkable women: Sophia Andropoulos, a widowed grandmother, and her granddaughter, Jazz. Both have experienced the overwhelming pain of heartbreak. Sophia’s innocent heart was stripped of its first taste of love in her tender teenage years, while Jazz’s heartbreak was more recent, just two years ago, inflicted by the charismatic Jake Alexander Monroe. Since then, Jazz has built walls around her and refuses to let anyone in.

But fate has other plans for them.

While Sophia eagerly embraces the reunion with her long-lost love, Jazz is forced to confront emotions she believed long buried and must decide if she can set aside the past and move forward with Jake.

Old Flames, New Beginnings is a heartwarming tale of two generations of women rediscovering love, of healing, and the power of second chances.

The Temple of Anoosa

Fantasy Adventure

Join the race against time as Michael and Kosta, two brave and determined warriors, set out on a treacherous journey guided by their young guide, Wally. With his unparalleled ability to open portals, Wally leads them into a fantastical realm filled with magic and danger. But their mission is far from easy, as they face formidable foes such as powerful wizards and cunning demons, all bent on thwarting their quest for victory. And for Michael, the stakes are even higher as he fights to rid himself of the devious witch, Anoosa, who has taken possession of his very soul. Haunted by the knowledge that he unwittingly vanquished the “evil” Anoosa, only to have her insidious spirit take up residence within him, Michael is torn between believing her claims of innocence and remains skeptical.

Will he be able to unravel the truth and emerge victorious in this perilous battle? Join Michael, Kosta, and Wally on their epic journey and discover the answer for yourself.

Seven Days to Moira’s Curse

Fantasy Romance Adventure

With her unwavering belief in magic, eighteen-year-old Catte MacGregor never could have expected the unearthly abilities that lay within the mysterious amulet she discovered. When Moira, the elusive owner of the amulet, demands its return in exchange to cure her mother’s ailment, Catte finds herself in a race against time.

As she begins to learn about the amulet’s special abilities that can grant her true love, she also discovers a chilling warning: if she fails to comply by the seventh day to all of Moira’s demands, the sound of distant whispers will grow louder, echoing the impending doom of the Gray Shadow’s arrival.

Will Catte be able to break the curse and outwit the Gray Shadow, or will she lose her mother to its clutches forever? Catte’s fate hangs in the balance as only seven days remain in this captivating tale of love, magic, and sacrifice.