Building a Tough Writer’s Shell
A Motivational & Inspirational Guide for Writers

There you sit, glaring at the computer screen, struggling to string words together, desiring to move your novel forward. Nothing’s coming. Craving perhaps for a few phrases to pen. Maybe a full chapter. You want your words to resonate, infiltrate your reader to leave a long-lasting impression.
But you’re still stuck on an empty page.
Well, perfect settings to write are not always there so you need to deal with it. Don’t worry. In “I’ve Searched But I Can’t Find Ideas” chapter you’ll encounter inspirational help to spark an idea or two.
Characters speak to you internally, wanting their stories penned, but motivation disappears by negative forces outside of your control. Most of the time, those controls exist within yourself, and knowing how to deal with them will help keep the focus on your goal plans.
This book is a motivational push-you-forward adventure where I add humor to realistic situations you, as a writer, may find yourself in. Along the way, you’ll learn a thing or two to nudge your writing in the right direction, to prepare your writer’s skin and toughen you out.
It will motivate you, help you focus, but most of all will inspire you not to give up your passion for writing when confronted by negative energy, times when you’re not up to creating, pushing your work into a folder and locking it away to collect dust in a drawer.
All that’s required is to:
1.remember your passion,
2.push yourself forward every day,
3.never stop dreaming,
4.ignore naysayers,
5.keep passion, determination, perseverance in the forefront at all times,
6.continue educating and improving your writing,
7.but most of all…commit to do your best.

Keep writing!
Lea Schizas

Available in ebook and paperback.


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