Back Cover Blurbs are Important

Back Cover is Important by Lea Schizas Your book is finished. Awesome! That’s one huge accomplishment so make sure to treat yourself to something special, even though you know there’s more to do right after penning THE END. There’s the editing stage, getting a cover designed, preparing the formats to publish or to submit to … [Read more…]

Vacuuming and the Muse

Vacuuming and the Muse or “I Wish I had More Hands!” “Whatsa doin?” “Mommy’s writing, sweetie.” “Why?” “To earn money to build an office.” “Why?” “For peace and quiet.” “Why?” “To finish her book.” “Why?” Why, why, why…wow, just got a great idea for another story. As parents who decided to stay at home and … [Read more…]