1. Judy

    Excellent advice! I also think reading the material out loud often brings problems to light that might be overlooked.

    • museitupeditor

      Hi, Judy, and thank you for reading. A lot of writers, especially new writers, rush to get their work out there without really stopping and considering they need to offer their best work from the beginning. And yes, reading out loud has its benefits.

  2. I would go so far as to say there are very (very) few writers who can get away without getting an external editor.
    The writer must thing of it as a necessary part of the process: get seat, get a computing device, get an idea, get it down, revise it to the best of your ability, and then GET IT EDITED.
    Well-written article. Thank you.

    • museitupeditor

      Thank you, Chuck, for stopping by. And I totally agree with your comment about ‘few writers who can get away without an external editor. I remember receiving drafts from some big names while reviewing their books their publicists sent me, and have to say it was hard to give a proper review with all the boo boo elements within those pages. However, knowing their style and other books, I overlooked these areas and reviewed the merits of the plot.

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