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Editorial Services for Writers

NOTE: For those who tried to contact me, my apologies. The original form wasn’t working. Just shoot me an email to: lea AT thewritingjungle DOT com

First I want to say that an editor’s job is NOT to change the writer’s voice. An editor needs to respect and work with the author to give them the opportunity to offer the best they have to their readers. For this reason, I offer the first three pages ( 250 words per page x 3 = 750 words) FREE to evaluate if we’re a good match.

What do fiction writers seek? In my opinion, they should be seeking to put their best work forward right from the start, no mediocre, typo-filled nonsense. I’m a big self-published advocate but I’ve read far too many books that could have been great if not for the gazillion typos, boring stick characters, THE END bomb, and repetitive phrases that could have turned into powerful sentences…if only someone with experience had been asked to go over the manuscript before publication.

Based on my experience as an editor for over twenty odd years, knowledge of what goes into a specific genre to satisfy a reader is important. But more so is the relationship I love to build, inspire, and help guide new writers. I truly enjoy interacting with authors. Whatever knowledge is stored in my head, I want to pass it on and help you become a better writer with your current and next draft. The goal is to enhance and make your writing more fluid, impact your reader and captivate them to THE END.

If you’re looking for some sugar-coating, then I’m not your editor. Writers need to build and possess tough skin when it comes to reading suggestions about their ‘baby’. One important step I will never undertake and that is to change the writer’s voice. I will recommend, offer my reasons for any suggestion during the editing stage and then leave it up to you to judge.

Substandard editing is not part of my work ethic. Detailed notes are kept throughout the process, jotting details for each character, mentioned foreshadows to make sure they are finalized at the end, terms of endearment from characters to keep consistency, etc.

I work with Microsoft Word using its Track Changes feature so the author ‘sees’ my suggested edits.

One last thing: yes, there are typos even in the big publishing houses, but why not eliminate as many as possible from the beginning. One bad start is all it takes to push readers not to recommend you to others.

My preferred genres are:

  • Romance: fantasy, paranormal,
  • Mystery: cozy, thriller, suspense, crime/murder mysteries
  • Middle-Grade
  • Young Adult: romance, fantasy, paranormal, mystery
  • Erotic: romance, M/M, F/F, menage

Please feel free to contact me below with your info, making sure to include the title of your book, genre, word count, and a brief summary of what the book is about.

 Editorial Services

Substantive Editing:

$0.012 per word Spring Special $0.009

This looks at the overall bigger picture:

  • plot
  • characterization
  • point of view issues
  • tension points
  • continuity problems
  • consistency of detail
  • repetition/word choice
  • spelling mistakes
  • punctuation errors
  • dialogue
  • grammar

to name a few items I look for to make sure you offer your readers the necessary elements that make a good novel an excellent read.

The length of time to finalize depends on how extensive the editing needs will be, and the turnaround time to return your revisions. If there’s a deadline set, I will tell you once I take an initial look at your manuscript if it’s a possibility to meet.

Editorial Assessment of your manuscript’s first 25 pages. *$300.00

After reading the first 25 pages of your book, I’ll offer you feedback, my first initial reactions and assessments as a reader, and editorial suggestions.

With this preliminary feedback of your manuscript, you’ll be able to locate and ‘fix’ other problem areas similar to the ones found in the first 25 pages, such as favorite repetitive wording, POV switches, weak character profile, without any derogatory spiel because that’s not what feedback is about. It’s all about helping you pinpoint areas in order for you to go back and fix them.

Some have asked why include this type of editorial service. Simple. Not every writer is able to afford a full manuscript developmental editing procedure so this allows them the opportunity to get a professional assessment where the manuscript may be weak and to tighten those areas with the notes in track changes they will receive.

The minimum fee is $50, which applies to shorter works.

CONTACT INFO – IMPORTANT NOTE: The form to query me for edits wasn’t working. If you haven’t heard back from me means I never got the note. Please email me with the following:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your email address

  • Book’s genre, word count, brief summary of the book, and any questions you may have to:

  • lea AT thewritingjungle DOT com  (Please make sure to clean up the email address before sending. It’s showcased like that to avoid spam. Thank you.)


Authors often ask me how much editing does my manuscript requires?

Well, an honest answer is I really don’t know. Reading the first three pages won’t give me any definite conclusion other than perhaps spotting a few repetitive usages you might be using, weak beginning. However, that initial first read will reveal two things:

1- by offering a sample edit using track changes the author can evaluate my performance

2- reading the first three pages as mentioned above, I can evaluate the estimated time and level of edit the manuscript may require.

What is your payment method?

Paypal is the preferred method. Please check my PRICING page.

How far in advance should I book you?

It all depends on the number of manuscripts in my queue. At times, I am booked months in advance for particular projects by writers who want to secure my services. I would suggest to contact me as soon as your manuscript is ready and we’ll go from there.

Do I need to be Canadian?

Not at all. I’ve worked with writers from around the world. As long as English is your first language, we’re a go. Isn’t the internet an awesome creation?

Will you guarantee me my book will be published?

If you’re seeking representation with a house there is never a guarantee of acceptance. My job is to make sure I tighten your manuscript and give it a winning chance.

How long will it take to edit my book?

For most edits, I would say roughly a month.  Everything depends on the state of the manuscript and what edits are needed.

Do I really need an editor?

Heck no…I’m sure your mom, dad, sister, best friend, can help you. But if you want knowledgeable and professional input and no sugar-coating, then yes. You need unbiased evaluation and critique.

In all seriousness, a writer, in most cases, cannot step aside to evaluate their own work. They have a tendency to overlook areas that need tightening or are not error-free. An editor isn’t there only to improve a manuscript, but to provide guidance to help improve writing skills for future books.

Do you offer a free sample?

Yes, I’d be happy to work the first three pages ( approximately 750 – 900 words) of your manuscript using track changes in Microsoft Word. This way, you get a preview of my work and I have the opportunity to assess your manuscript’s needs.

What files do you work with?

Microsoft Word docs or even docx.

Will I be able to see your suggestions?

Yes. In Microsoft Word, I use Track changes which shows all of my markings and comments for you to review.

Can you ghostwrite it for me?

Sorry, that’s a whole different ballgame.

Is there a question I missed? If so, feel free to contact me at: lea AT thewritingjungle DOT com